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McqsPrep was developed with a mission to provide "Simple, Innovative and updated Test Preparation for All Examination. It holds all the subjects that are included in CSS,PPSC and NTS. We are providing our services in free of cost just to share our knowledge and we hope it'll be very useful for many people. We are a team of professionals are working on the updated content in every minute. We don't rely on any other website or platform for authentic and quality content.

During our student days, we always had a difficult time in getting access to a good quality MCQs database that was updated, challenging, and easy to use / navigate. The other problem is that individual students have no way to measure how he or she is performing as compared to the peers (no academy can do that). There is no existing solution in the market to track the progress and systematically help the students to channel their energies to the weakest areas. Finally, our experience is that taking mock tests and repeating wrongly answered questions is the most effective tool in the test preparation.

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Online MCQs Prep measures your improvement against the exam requirement and provides you with constant feedback and guidance.

This course is suitable for students with limited study time who wish to rely more on self for exam preparation. It provides preperation meterial, discussion groups and demonstrations covering more than 8 subjects. The topics are based on MCQ Examination format. Our plans are tailored to meet your unique needs. Our System will tell you what is important and what you should focus on, you will practice with our system from your place or from overseas.

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